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Experiencing God Should be Real, Tangible and Daily


4 years ago, I experienced something that transformed my life forever.  It's hard to put into words the depth of the experience when God crashes through your heart unexpectedly. It was so intense, so real, so undeniable that I felt like I was glowing from the inside out

A relationship with your creator should be a FULL sensory experience: I feel His love, I hear His voice, I talk to Him and feel His presence tangibly.

Once this happens in real life, not just wishful thinking, everything in life changes. 


Hearing the struggles of so many other women in their faith and life, I felt led to ask the question, "How can I help others experience personally and practically God's healing peace and love every day?”



Soul Spa Founder Bessie of Freedom Fighter Life Change Ministries 

The idea came: what if I re-create the instant peace of a Day-Spa, where no matter how stressed you are, you could 'drop-in' to God's presence fast, with guided prayer, relaxing, soul stirring music and gentle inspired message designed to open your heart and guide you to hear God's voice and receive his healing. A LITERAL SOUL SPA.


I began with 6 women in my living room and through God's direction helped them step into a Peace-Bath, sit in God's presence, feel His love, bathe in the truth of his presence and something beautiful happened. All of the 6 women, who had come in stressed and some at odds with God, in a very short time, left renewed, refreshed with a deep sense of peace that lasted through the week. More miraculously, in a very short time they too became powerful prayer warriors, speaking life, love and peace into other's lives. 

This month is the 4-year anniversary of that decision to 'Just Begin'. SOUL Spa has grown out of my home and into retreats, businesses, studies, prisons, groups, conferences, leaders’ seminars, churches and anywhere people want to re-centre, reconnect, bring God into their everyday experience and wash off the world.

Imagine the power of God running through your life, seeping into every aspect of your day. The freedom of knowing and actually feeling He is in control and has your heart safely in His hands.

What could you not conquer? What problem could you not get through? And mostly, what a world could we create for those we love and those around us if we become the powerful, loving, inspiring women of God He always meant us to be.


Now, thousands of women have stepped into this Peace-Bath, each time meeting their God a little deeper and knowing they are not alone.

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Prayer Experience

SOUL SPA is like nothing else you have experienced. A 'Peace-Bath' and Prayer Immersion, specially designed to help create space for women to hear God’s voice and bring renewal. Washing off the troubles and stresses of life for a fresh start to your day. Soul Spa is here for YOU.


Just like a day-spa renews your body, Soul-Spa renews your connection to God. Enter the candlelit room in silence & sink into the soothing worship music, while you listen for God's voice. A gentle, guided devotional leads into deep, restorative & uplifting prayer in small groups, as each woman brings their imperfect words and allows the Holy Spirit to lead. 

A time to rest, reflect, be renewed, & see yourself through Jesus' healing eyes.

Listen in the car or at home

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